Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spain Travel and Day #1

"I like the [bicycle], I like you
I like to run, I like you
I like the rain, I like you
I like to come back, I like you
I like the mountain, I like you
I like the night, I like you

What am I gonna do- je ne sais pas*
What am I gonna do- je ne sais plus*
What am I gonna do- je suis perdu*
What time is it, my heart?" - Manu Chao, Me gustas tu

After a long night of flying and running the Heathrow 5k to make our connection (sprint with heavy luggage for speed and strength training), we finally arrived in Malaga. Unfortunately our bikes weren't as swift as we were and they had to come in on the next flight. While we waited we enjoyed our first cafe con leche and a fresh squeezed orange juice.

The home of SLB is beautiful. I'm in love with breathing this mountain air. The food is healthy and incredible. The chef has done an amazing job with catering to my wheat allergy. I'm so thankful.

Last night we were all pretty tired from traveling, and the people who got here a day earlier did a long ride, so we chilled out and watched movies. Its an awesome group of folks and I'm excited to spend the next week+ with them.

This morning I got to sleep in a bit before we went out for our ride. It was a bit rainy but we have a sag wagon so we can load it up with warm/dry gear to change into. Its so awesome to just bring everything you *might* need. The support team has been super cool and friendly too. After about an hour of riding in the rain I was soaked and cold and my fingers weren't doing great with shifting and breaking. I have 3 weeks of this so I took the smart way out and completed the next 90 minutes of the ride in the van. I love that I can jump out or jump in on the rides at any point because we have a van following us. I also love that its not a big deal not to finish a ride because there's plenty of running, yoga and even more riding back at the SLB home.

I found an AWESOME way to learn spanish yesterday too. In the dining room they have Cluedo! Guess what that is?! Spanish Clue! So far I think it was Sra. Blanco, with the candelabra, in the biblioteca.

Okay... off to run and then teach some yoga. The internet here isn't great so I probably won't be uploading many pics. Just picture beautiful mountains, delicious food and athletic people in tight clothing.


Bobby said...

sounds awesome, not great internet? so i will not be doing video uploads from spain???

Jim said...

Isn't Malaga the most beautiful place Dad and I loved it!

beadmobile said...

Hey I have a question for you - do you ever use (or do the athletes there in Spain ever use this) embrocation? I have not tried it yet, but am intrigued. Just wondering. Thanks.

HolisticGuru said...


You'll get internet. You'll just really get excited when it happens.


I tried embrocation the other day. My roommates here use it. They like it... I won't use it again. Its supposed to be warming but I personally don't like the sensation. Especially if you don't wash your hands before touching your eyes and nose ;)