Saturday, August 13, 2011

September 15th, 6:30pm: Marathon Fueling for Training and Racing!

Come one, come all!

I'm holding a workshop at Jackrabbit Sports on the UWS in NYC. Our special guests will be the Team Continuum NYC Marathon athletes, but don't worry, *the event is open to the public*. And its FREE! Come early and you can get a shoe fit from one of the fit experts at Jackrabbit. I highly recommend taking advantage of this service.

Whether You're Running Your First Marathon...

Or If You're Chasing That PR...

You NEED to have a Fueling Plan!

You will learn:

- nutrition simulation in training

- proper hydration

- how to avoid muscle cramping

- pre-race fueling

- race nutrition for the big day (how, why and what)

- post-race recovery fueling

- And... tips on how to avoid weight gain while training for the event. It happens all the time!

- Most importantly, bring your questions to be answered during the Q and A!

Marathon Fueling for Training and Racing

Where: Jackrabbit Sports UWS (140 West 72nd St)

When: Thursday, September 15th from 6:30-8pm

Cost: FREE! Come early and get your shoe fit before we start!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


(The Big Sexy Bobby himself, on the other side of the camera at Mirror Lake)

Sports Nutrition with THE HolisticGuru on Archrival Productions Podcast!!!

At IMLP I was approached by Bobby to start recording a regular tri nutrition show. I thought about it for ONE seconds and agreed, enthusiastically. I have always wanted to have a regularly scheduled podcast. I've even received emails from my fans asking me to put out my own podcast. There was no way I was going to be able to put the time in to learn the technology while trying to build my practice. So, I continued to jump on podcasts whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Well, now we have it, healthy and realistic nutrition advice for triathletes and runners. As of now, its a work in progress. We'll see how things progress as far as topics and the possibility for cooking video episodes (with pretty aprons). We'll also invite guests and answer questions from listener mail. Sound fun? I think so!

To listen to our first killer episode, click here. Its all about gluten, and "what's the big deal all of a sudden?"

And please, send us your ideas, opinions and questions:

We want to hear what you think!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fan Mail: TV Snacking!

(Coraline is cheering for CREW and Team Continuum at the NYC Tri)

I got an email recently, from one of my fans wondering what to snack on while watching tv. I get this question, and questions about snacking, pretty often so I thought I'd quickly share my response here.

How to snack while watching tv:

1) Ask yourself if you're hungry. TV eating can be very mindless and unnecessary because what you really want is something to do with your hands, hand-to-mouth motion, or maybe you just want to treat yourself after a long day. This is why I like finger foods for mindless snacking (like grapes, edamame, popcorn, cherries).

2) Do you tend to crave salty or sweet? Smooth or crunchy? Other ideas would be frozen banana sorbet (just freeze and blend). Celery with peanut butter and raisins. Or my favorite, an orange sliced into quarters with a small handful of dark chocolate chips.

3) The key is to use portion control and to have a beginning and end to your snacking. When snacking mindlessly, we don't often feel satisfied by the snack because we are distracted from the experience of the food while we are eating it. It's a mental craving and becomes a bottomless pit until you can learn to snack mindfully. That doesn't mean not to snack while watching TV. Just be aware enough while you snack, so that you actually experience the snack.

4) Once you've finished snacking, you can sip herbal tea or even just brush your teeth as a close to your snacking.

Feel free to email me for a list of healthy snack ideas! Happy snacking!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Next Up: Beach to Battleship 140.6!

(John and Augie training in VT for B2B)

"I want to be the girl with the most cake" - Hole

As I've mentioned before, this has been an unplanned, "sure, why not?" tri season for me. I had hoped to do Rev3 Cedar Point full but had a scheduling conflict. It turns out, not making a race plan has had me racing and adventuring toward some awesome new goals! John is all about supporting non-WTC events, as am I, and that has driven the race map for the season. Read more about John's views on WTC events here.

I have to admit, without having a full 140.6 race on my own calendar I have been a bit envious of friends who are racing the full distance. This was kicked up a bit more when I went to IMLP to spectate. I had a killer time cheering and supporting my friends, but I want one too! In June, fellow CREWmate Augie suggested that John race Beach to Battleship. Augie did the half last year and loved the race. He's going for the full distance this year and I've watched him work HARD for the past 2 years for this goal. So John suggested I race with them at B2B! GREAT IDEA!!! I checked out the website, learned more about the race, and even talked to their people (who are super friendly, welcoming and helpful) and now I'm WAY totally pumped! And as usual, my favorite part of racing is the people I share the experience with, so it will be kick ass to have Augie and his super-awesome wife there. There is a half and a full distance, so EVERYONE SIGN UP here and come with me! We rolled deep to Lake Placid which meant lots of hanging out, cooking, strolls, photos, eating with friends, and meeting new people. I want that again so come out and race with us! I hear that North Carolina is gorgeous at the end of October and the race is dirt cheap compared to WTC.

Time to get serious about my training! I am out of my mind with excitement about this! Yay!