Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ZenTri Base and Nutrition Camp

If you haven't registered yet, check out the camp agenda that has been posted!  I'll be cooking and teaching (and making Brett cry when I beat him in the hill climb) for the camp, but I'm also looking forward to participating as a camper!  Last year I learned a ton of great info from Brett, Rich, Adam and Jessi and this year I'm looking forward to refining some of my new skills.

My nutrition theme this year will be The Top 10 Foods for Triathletes.  I've seen this list before and it looks different every time.  I'm going to bust up some myths and show you what you NEED to be eating. We'll also prepare and eat the foods we're learning about. How awesome is that?!?!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Teleclass! How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Packing on the Pounds

Check out the beard on this guy!
Healthy and Happy Holidays
(how to have your cake and eat it too!)

Over 2/3 of Americans are currently overweight or obese.  Of course there are numerous reasons for this epidemic, and our ‘national gluttony’ over the holidays plays a large part.  This overwhelming, over-consumption also taxes our immune system and makes us more prone to winter colds and flu.  

Don’t worry, I am not the Grinch or a Scrooge trying to take the fun out of your holidays.  There are many ways to get through this month-plus binge without gaining weight and getting sick.  And the good news is that you can still enjoy your holidays as much, if not more than you always have.

*Motivating facts:

  • The average person puts on 5-7 pounds during the holiday season.

  • During a typical Thanksgiving feast, the average person eats 7000+ calories.

  • You can approach holiday eating differently this year.


Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, let's get ourselves under control for the rest of our holiday feasting. Join me for an interactive teleclass and we'll discuss:

- How to survive the holiday season without becoming one of the above examples.
- Techniques to prevent holiday binge eating and promote a healthy lifestyle.
- How to strike a balance that allows you to "treat" yourself without denying yourself.
- And how to stay healthy and avoid a Winter cold or flu by making healthy food choices.

The class includes:

- A full set of notes
- Healthy holiday recipes
- Instructions for specific goal setting and planning to get you through
- Questions and Answers

Teleclass Details:

When: Wednesday, December 21st from 6:30-8pm ET

Where: Once you sign up, you will receive information in a confirmation email that includes the dial in number and access code for the call.

$25 (paid via paypal)

Includes: Complete plan for creating a holiday eating plan with an opportunity to ask questions, and a full set of notes and recipes from the class
Sign up: All you have to do is email me at and I will add you to the list!

** Spaces are limited because the conference line only allows for a certain number of guests. If enough people become interested, I will investigate larger call volume lines.