Sunday, February 26, 2012

Same difference...

Sean, John... whatever. I get them confused I guess.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vuelte de Andalucia

SLB rode one of the climbs of today's stage to Torcal today and now we're parked at the top of the climb to watch the tour! Here is everyone cheering for the lead rider!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strong Like Bull, Busy Like Beaver

Finally! A moment to myself to blog! SLB has been kicking ass this year. Everything has been completely perfect. We landed on Thursday and built the bikes right away for a 75 minute spin to shake the flight off. It's a much better move than taking a nap after the overnight flight. Friday morning I did my BIG SHOP while the SLB'ers arrived at the airport. They got settled and got on bikes while I cooked a yummy dinner.

Saturday was El Torcal and I was on sag wagon duty. It was a great day to drive and I had a lot of fun supporting the group (and giving them hell about hydrating). That route is just as beautiful, visually, as it is from the bike. It's definitely a favorite of mine.

Sunday started with me teaching yoga/core and then was Zaffaraya Day. The only day we can do this ride is on Sunday because the road is closed to traffic. It was another big and beautiful day. I'm so damn strong that I held on with the lead group for 3 hours to get to the climb. I was a bit toasted on the climb but dug deep and pushed through it. After the climb, Zaffaraya becomes the moon. I started to whine to myself about being tired and dropped back a bit. Soon, Dylan and Synjen pulled up next to me and Dylan says "come hang out". So I did. I clung to them all the way home. It was intense and I'm superhuman.

Monday was a rest day. We took the triathletes for a swim then all hung out for the morning in Archedona. After the touristy stuff, most of the group got back on the bike and I rocked out to some metal \m/ while I cooked another beautiful dinner. There were loads of compliments to the chef. I'm good at what I do, I'm not gonna lie.

Tuesday was Puerte de Leon, aka Fuente de la Reine. This is an 18k descent down to the ocean and then you turn around and go UP. I got beat by Andy the Dentist (my SLB arch-nemesis) by about a minute. I busted my ass to catch him but almost couldn't keep him in my sight. This climb has breathtaking views with a well earned cafe con leche stop at the top.

Today started with another swim. It was just John and I because everyone else is getting lazy. After that we headed out for Rute de Ruta, or Anna calls it the "Secret Magic Forest Ride". Its a fun ride to lunch through a pretty forest with a secret, sunny cafe con leche stop. After lunch its lots of climbing. It was a tough 5-hour day and I felt like a ROCK STAR. I was super strong and got to hang with the big boys again... well, once they caught up with me.

Now, we're off to a night out on the town. I get a break from cooking and can't wait to stuff my pie hole, mindfully, with paella.

I <3 Spain.

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Season 2, Episode 1 of THE Holisticguru Show! Don't miss it!

Does this apron make my snack look sexy?

ITS FEBRUARY! Lets be honest, you BLEW your new years resolution to eat healthier and lose 30 pounds and be a better person.  Well you can either crawl into a hole and try it again for the 5th time next year or you can pull yourself together and listen to our latest show explaining why you screwed up and how you can get back on track!
Listen here.