Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canceled Flight = Snowstorm Run

We found out yesterday that our flight to London was canceled, so we rescheduled for Thursday night. Hopefully we'll get out without issues. In the meantime, I couldn't resist a snowy run in Central Park! It was a perfect run to get me even more pumped to get out of here and go to Spain (SLB Training Camp) to train in the warm mountains :)

On my way up Harlem Hill:

And this is me with my snowy city:

Morningside Park:

Snowy sidewalk on 121st Street:

Covered in snow and back at home:

This is where I'll be swim/bike/running 2 days from now (Yeah, I stole this pic from your blog Phil):

1 comment:

Philip LaVoie said...

my pic, my trip/training camp and my heart :(

heh. great pic log tho, luv it... we're blanketed up here.