Friday, February 19, 2010

Day #6 Puerto Del Sol

Day #6 was an "easy" day. We rode 45 minutes to the Puerto Del Sol, which people use as a time trial. It's a 7k climb averaging 5-8% and the times get added to a board in the dining room with each person's nickname. I had already found "Voodoo Phil" as soon as I arrived at the camp. He killed it last year. The climb was super fun and I just found my comfy kill spot and sat there all the way up. My buddy Dylan beat the camp and local records by about 3 minutes. That boy is an animal. After we all met up at the top we rode back to a cafe/bar to finish our ride. Some guys added a bonus climb while we drank cafe con leche. We ended our day with a long yoga session once we got back and I got a massage before dinner.

Before bed we piled into the sun porch and watched women's curling. It blew my mind.


Dave said...

God I can't wait!!! Be there in a couple days! See you guys soon!

Philip LaVoie said...

that voodoo guy was blowing up to high hell up the puerta. you guys are having such a great time out there... couldn't be happier for y'all. we miss ya's.

gonna love reading about the next camp too, with all the crew heading over that we know from this area and twitter... should be fun.

thanks for letting us homeboys live through your posts! =)