Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spain Day #11 - Perdone, donde esta el Christine?

"And when the day is done and I look back, the fact is I had fun, fumbling around" - A Mistake, Fiona Apple

(Dave "sun's out, guns out" Pike)

Today was AWESOME. Most people ran in the morning but I had a dream about a serial killer and some brooms and mops that encouraged me to stay in bed and sort myself out. After breakfast we set out for the Puerto Del Sol. I did this one once before so I had 2 goals:

1. to beat my previous time
2. and of course there's always the "must beat Bobby" goal

The ride to the climb was a climb, the descent was a climb, and then we got to the climb. This group is SO wicked fun to train with. It's been especially awesome hanging out with Anna a ton because she rulez. She's a girl, but she's wicked surly, so yeah... awesome. She does paint her nails like a froo-froo but its black nailpolish on un-halloween so you just know better than to mess with her. We were pretty toasted today after the climb, which was obvious when, at one point, Anna came into the cafe we stopped at and said, "where's the Christine... I mean bathroom?"

I beat my time up Puerto Del Sol AND I beat Bobby (though he kills me on flats and descents). I feel like a superhero today. When we got back we did some yoga. We hung out for a bit in the hip stretchy poses and Bobby videotaped it and there was minimal giggling. I DO NOT permit giggling in my yoga classes. Bobby has this stretch armstrong tri-pod thingy that looks like Tim Burton designed it. It actually kinda freaks me out because he can easily put a camera up anywhere. You really gotta watch what you do and say around here ;)

(this is the face I make when Pike pulls his guns out)


Tribork said...

Great reports Guru! I love it! Looks like you and John are having the time of your life!

ramster said...

thats hot