Monday, February 22, 2010

Spain Day #10 - "Eso es lo que dijo ella"

(a goat traffic jam just before the climb)

"That's what she said"

It makes total sense, as Dylan pointed out, that this phrase is a quality not quantity effort. For example:

If your partner says "G, will you pass me the chain lube?" You may want to respond "That's what she said".

Conversely, if your beloved says "D, have you seen my other bike shoe?" You might want to save it for a better opportunity.

It's an overuse risk and it may even be a physics problem. Dylan (our camp record murderer) will be teaching That's What She Said: 101. His delivery is impeccable.

So last night my legs were ACHING. This morning I swam with the triathletes, which was unusual for me. Last camp I snuggled with the roadies until 9am while the triathletes went swimming. It was wicked nice. Today I decided to start being a proper triathlete and I joined the group for the pool. I loved it, of course.

Then we set out for our first ride of Camp Numero Dos. I was dreading my aching leg feeling until we discovered that SOMEONE forgot their bike. It was his first day so I let him ride my bike. Let's not make fun of him. It was an understandable mistake. A miscommunication, really. At least he didn't BAIL OUT of the ride ;) Turns out he loved my bike and I got an awesome recovery day. I'm so amped for tomorrow.

I <3 Spain.

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Anonymous said...

has anyone seen my spare olive tree, i left it somewhere up there