Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are you sure you want to cancel your ING NYC Marathon 2008 entry?

Hello, Christine! You have cancelled your entry in the 2008 ING New York City Marathon. You will receive a guaranteed spot in next year's Marathon provided you register and pay all applicable fees. Watch for information regarding registration so you can secure your spot.

Sunday, Sept. 28, was the NYC Marathon Tune up. My training up until that point was low volume and I was just starting to increase the mileage. I was also starting to feel an occasional sharp and quick pain in my left butt cheek area and also a tightness in my left hip flexor. Because of this, in the days leading up to the 18-mile race I decided to take it easy and actually did not run from Wednesday through Saturday. My plan for Sunday was to run at least 18 miles, aim for 2o miles, and if I felt amazing run 23 miles. I started out feeling great but at mile 2 things started to feel sore. As I continued to run I thought about my options. I could push through it and risk severe injury, I could stop right away and have to deal with getting home, or I could finish the first 6-mile loop and re-assess. Being lazy and not wanting to walk to the bus I went with option C. At the top of the first loop I was feeling a bit better and I noticed that the pain lessened as I slowed my pace. So I decided to do another loop and re-assess. At the time of re-assessment I was under the influence of a runner's high and I actually wasn't feeling pain anymore. I got through the race with my third loop faster than the others. I ran the mile home at a relaxed pace, completing 20 miles for the day.

When I got home I stretched, then prepared an ice bath and "relaxed" in there for 15-20 mins. I was having a hard time walking but I was managing. I had a protein shake and decided that since I didn't sleep a wink the night before, I should nap. A few hours later I woke up and tried to get out of bed. I couldn't. I couldn't bear weight on my left leg and I panicked. With severe pain I was finally able to limp to my computer, where I did the obvious thing... logged onto twitter. I also decided that I hate the ER enough that I would tough it out until I could see my doctor the next morning. Coach Josh (SpeedySasquatch) came to my rescue that night to help me get dinner and put me to bed.

The details of the diagnonsense are painful and annoying to relive, so here they are in fast forward:

"Doc, I think I broke something. Fix me. Look, I can't even walk"

"I think you pulled a muscle, but let's get an x-ray. Here are some crutches that are much too small for you"

3 days later I have discovered that crutches are the enemy and when I called for results my doctor had no recollection of seeing me in the first place. He finally looked me up...

"The x-ray results do not show a stress fracture, however, you have a soft tissue growth on your right side above your bladder and you need to get an ultrasound to rule out anything scary"

"Yeah thanks, but I'd rather make it so that I can walk first"

"Nope. I won't see you for the hip pain until you get the ultrasound"

The soonest ultrasound appt wasn't for another 3 weeks, so I went back to my doctor to demand an MRI. I had the MRI last Saturday morning. The doctor calls me on Monday to tell me that it is indeed a stress fracture and I need to be on crutches at all times. He prescribes something for pain, reviews the MRI films with me and suddenly seems much more interested in my injury and treatment.

Now for the best part, Dr. Stark has prescribed a special treatment to speed the healing process. He has managed to hook me up with an Ultrasound Bone Healing machine (www.exogen.com). This device will be worn for 20 mins a day and will stimulate the cells to heal my fracture 38% faster. Hopefully this means that I will be better in 4 weeks, rather than 6. And the best part is that I don't have to spend the $3500 to buy the machine.

So here I am, trying to live my life on crutches. It's impossible. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket as I am hurtling down the block, but I don't have hands to answer because I am now using my upper body for walking. If I want a coffee I have to take the time to stop and sit down somewhere to drink it. I'm also going broke through my excessive cab use. The worst part? The crutches hurt more than the fracture. The best part? I'm going to beat you all in an arm wrestling competition with my enormous guns by the time I'm back on my feet again.

P.S. I promise I'll post about food, hummus first. As you can see, I've had a lot going on. Ill be crutching myself to the store for some chick peas and tahini early next week. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Problem with Taking Friends' Advice

Ask and you shall receive. People want me to blog? For all of the crazies out there, who are interested in my life and what I have to say, here you go! I feel loved.

Now, how does one approach a first post? I should start with an exploration of the events that got me here today. It all started with a direct message from a twitter* friend that said "There is a christine love fest on Triscoop. Check it out. People are touching themselves while listening to the sugar podcast".

Yup. So naturally I check out Triscoop**
and find that someone has started a thread entitled Bring Back the Holistic Guru. As I read I feel like I'm getting a giant virtual hug! It really made my week. And in that thread, the fact that I do not have my own blog was highlighted, reminding me that I need to move that to the top of my priority list.

So here I am, setting up my account on blogspot, and it is time to choose a title. Well I want the awesomest title imaginable but my creativity is letting me down. So I cry out for help in the form of an email, a contest to name my blog, sent to some creative and silly homies.

Well the responses came immediately. The first:

Christizzle the Shizzle

Then I get:

"what will the blog cover? - consider everything and then prioritize for us. If just nutrition, I'd choose 'Eat Me Better'" (a pun on my website www.liveandeatbetter.com)

Then: a suggestion that relates to the circus and wearing tights and walking on a wire.

And finally:

A suggestion to include an image of me running towards a happy smiling cow with a butcher knife, but the cow doesn't mind because he has lived a happy organic life.


So I am still in the same 'untitled' boat, but I got a few laughs out of it.

*Twitter- a fantastic website that allows you to be completely up to date on the most important things that happen in friends and strangers lives. You will never feel lonely knowing that so and so just stepped on an ant and that someone else is thinking peanut butter for lunch.

**Triscoop- a website devoted to nourishing your inner triathlete.