Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spain Day #4 and #5 - Soy un machine

(the mysterious coffee cave had Texas cactus, hmmm)

Day #4 was a well-deserved rest day in Granada. Some people went to visit The Alhambra before scoping out the town, and my group went for a hike. We ended up at a cafe that was situated in a cave. You would never know it was there unless you knew a guy... who knew the guy... who went there that one time. And even then you wouldn't be sure you believe him that its there. Especially after he described the decor to include ceramic eyeballs, plastic hands, and beautiful little coffees with fancy artwork cookies on top. That's why you would hike to the top to see for yourself. Turns out it was real and awesome.

(a cutesy coffee made by a real live cave man)

(a pretty rainbow on our hilly ride)

"In Spain, even some of the descents are uphill" - John Hirsch

Day #5 was a gorgeous ride over some tough 7k climbs with a fun surprise at the end... "Amelia Pukes Hill". I didn't puke and I actually managed to catch the guys in front of me. I had a kick ass day and hope to do that ride again next camp. I took a gazillion pics. When we got back people requested yoga so we had an excellent yoga session before dinner.

Day #6 was even harder... stay tuned.

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