Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Group Nutrition Programs with THE Holisticguru!

This is Herman the Onion

Group Nutrition Programs
Starting on March 6th, 2012 at 6:30pm

Great news! I’m now offering group health counseling programs in order
to create a more affordable option for people who would like to work with
me but can't afford $195 per month for an individual program. A group dynamic can be even more effective in that it creates added motivation and accountability.

Here are the group specifics:

* Meet bi-weekly for a 3-month period, via conference line (or in-person if enough people are interested).

* Sessions will last 90 minutes and will be at the same scheduled time,
every other week.

* Topics will focus on creating lasting healthy eating and lifestyle habits and
will cater to the specific group (a group via a tri coach will include training/
racing nutrition).

* Each session will include notes and handouts for the discussion and will
end with setting group action steps to focus on until the next meeting.

The cost of the group program will be $75 per person per month (or $200 in full). Space is limited and on a first come, first serve basis. This group will meet on Tuesday evenings (bi-weekly), over-the-phone, from 6:30pm -8pm and begins on Tuesday, March 6th 2012.  Email me right away for more information, or to sign up! christine@liveandeatbetter.com

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nutrition Resolutions: FREE Event!

Guys! I'm giving an in-person talk next Monday! It's like a podcast, except that you go to a physical place and I stand there in front of you and tell you things that I would tell you on a podcast.  But this is better in some ways, like: 1) You get to look at me 2) You get to participate and ask questions 3) You get to check out my favorite tri store, Jackrabbit Sports! Here are the details:

Did you totally blow it with your nutritional New Year's resolution? Do you need some advice on setting EFFECTIVE and LASTING nutritional goals?  Do you want guidance on the most important dietary changes for YOU?

Come to Jackrabbit Sports for your FREE second chance to RESOLVE your diet and for tips on how to get it right!

It's not too late.  This powerful, goal-setting event could change your entire relationship with food.

When: Monday, January 30th from 6:30- 8pm
Where: Jackrabbit Sports 140 West 72nd Street, New York, NY
How much: *FREE*

*For more information on Jackrabbit Sport's Resolve Campaign, visit: www.jackrabbitsports.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who Wants My Cannondale?

I'm selling my SuperSix! I bought it new at the end of 2010. I love this bike but I got a new one for Christmas!

This is the road bike I went 8th on at Beach 2 Battleship 140.6. It's all carbon and only $1000. I'm selling it so cheap because I have too many bikes in my apartment and I want to find it a good home before Spainuary (February 7th). Now accepting applicants! ;)

Here is a link to more specs.

ZenTri Camp 2012 Wrap Up

Once again, we had another kick ass group of campers. We had some repeat campers and lots of new friends. This year the group was made up of some pretty tough athletes so we beefed up the training a bit more with some tougher workouts and challenges. The weather in San Diego was outstanding (especially while hearing about snow on the East Coast). The only day with rain we went to La Jolla Cove to get in the water, and get wet anyway, with an open water swim practice.

Highlights of 2012 were:

- lots of MovementU with Jessi
- the bike hill climb challenge between John and Brett
- a serious, killer track workout with Coach Adam
- underwater swim video analysis at the pool
- miles of awesome trail running
- zen and training talks
- and obviously the food was WONDERFUL (I went with a Top 10 Foods for Triathletes theme and included each food in my recipes)

No Bread Sandwich!

Here are some links to some fun videos that were done:

Health Store Tour
ZenTri Camp Mosh Up
Training Like a Pro with John
How to Put on a Wetsuit

We have some exciting news about next year's ZenTri Camp! Stay tuned for the announcement and for early bird registration!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ZenTri Base Camp Day Passes Now Available!!!

Wanna check out base camp but couldn't sign up for the full weekend because you have an obligation on one of the days?
Want to drop in to get a taste for next year?
Want to hang out with one or all of the coaches?

Now you can register for a day pass! You choose the day or days (check out the schedule of events), then email us and we'll help you register for only $120 per day, including training, classes and a full on healthy meal! This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, get answers, get motivated, train, and hang with some kick ass people! Like me!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jackrabbit Sports RESOLVE Campaign

First, anyone in or around NYC needs to visit www.jackrabbitsports.com and sign up for the Resolve Campaign. Its 30 days of kick ass FREE events to help you define and reach your goals for the new year, including core workouts, yoga classes, run tours, and more. The most kick-ass-est event of them all will be my Nutritional Resolutions workshop on January 30th at 6:30pm at the UWS store location. For more details, check out the calendar when you sign up. Oh, you also get a free t-shirt.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 Tips For Fighting A Cold (part 2 of the series)

Hoppin' John from New Year's Day (collards, kale, black eyed peas)
If you fail to keep the cold sickness out of your body, you can still fight and win against the symptoms.  As soon as you start to feel it coming on, UNPLUG and do the following list of things.  Honestly, these steps will keep you from taking a cold and turning it into a secondary infection AND it will shorten the duration of your feeling crappy.

10 Tips for Treating Cold Symptoms (and slaying it to death)

1.  Try to avoid taking tylenol, advil, cold medicine, etc to reduce your fever, chills, headache, body aches until your fever goes above 100.5 or so.  A slight fever is your body's defense against the germs that are invading your body, and you're better off not interfering until it is needed.

2.  Try to avoid taking a nasal decongestant or antihistamine unless you need it to sleep or to get through work that can't be avoided.  When possible, sit around and let your nose run and be disgusting.  This is supposed to happen!  Your body is getting rid of the icky sickness.  If you suppress these symptoms you are increasing your chance of developing a secondary infection.

3.  Eat soup!  Ingredients like onions, greens and chicken will help reduce or expel mucus.

4.  Rest! Rest! REST.  Skip anything you can, tell people to go away, exercise only lightly to work up a sweat but decrease the intensity and duration.

5.  Wash your hands. Don't get everyone else sick and don't catch other cooties while your immune system is already busy.

6.  Avoid dairy.  It increases your mucus.  That is a bad thing.

7.  Zinc lozenges have been shown to reduce the severity and duration of a cold.  Pay attention to the directions, they aren't candy!  If you take too many they can become toxic and make you puke.

8.  When your body craves vitamin c, choose the fruit and avoid too much sugar in orange juice.  Sugar will weaken your immune system.

9.  Drink lots of liquids.  Try adding honey and lemon to hot water.  Or try herbal yogi tea that will focus on your symptoms.

10.  Make soup! Then eat it all the time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Tips for Cold and Flu Prevention

Everyone is sick.  I went to see my family in MA for Christmas and they all had a cold.  I went to visit friends in VT for New Year's and they had a throat/ stomach thing.  Now, I'm sitting next to my sick dream guy because he doesn't listen to me, or his coach, or doctor when we tell him to stop training and get better.  No amount of healthy soup will take a sick man through a run training focus.  So, what to do? I don't want to get sick!

10 Tips for Cold and Flu Prevention

1. Eat a wholesome diet that includes lots of greens and colorful produce.  Avoid immune-compromising sugary foods.

2. Eat garlic. It works like a broad-spectrum antibiotic against bacteria in the body, and you can't develop a resistance to it.  Use fresh garlic and add it to soups, stir frys, salad dressing, sauces, etc.

3. Drink plenty of pure water and herbal tea.  You can try Yogi Tea or Traditional Medicinals.  Look for teas that are meant for immune boosting, cold care or throat comfort.

4. Take a daily multi-vitamin for added support. Rainbow Lite is a good option.

5. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. It makes a gigantic difference in decreasing your chances of getting cooties from your friends (unless you are kissing them, then you're... never mind).

6. Get regular exercise to increase your blood flow, circulation, and to allow your body to detoxify through sweat.

7. Get more sleep. Make it quality. Make it a priority. Your body works hardest to fight germs while you are asleep.  Even 30 minutes extra will make a difference.

8. Open your windows (just a bit), especially while you are asleep.  Dry heat will also dry out the mucous membranes in your respiratory system. Or you can buy a humidifier.

9. Reduce stress by saying "I'm not wasting emotional energy on this". Your body is unable to battle germs as well when you are constantly battling stress. Take a deep breath.

10. Make soup like the one in the photo above. Then eat the soup.  Include greens, onions, garlic, carrots and fresh ginger.