Monday, February 22, 2010

Spain Day #9 - Adios and Hola

(Erich and John soaking up the sunshine)

The pic is from our lunch on day 8. We stopped in a plaza that was having a festival. There were kids in costume everywhere and we sat in the sun and had lunch. I was SO happy to be there because there was tons of culture to soak in. It was the last day for the first camp and it was awesome to have that experience with that group. They were an awesome (and amazingly talented) group. We even got to keep a few peeps for the next camp.

On Sunday I requested the privilege of joining in for the airport trips. This way I got more time with my new friends who were leaving :( AND my old friends who would be arriving :).

I have been laughing hysterically ever since we left the airport. I'm seriously concerned about my riding capabilities under the influence of so much joking and hysteria. I'll keep you posted... but I may not survive this. My abs already hurt. I'm also fearful of going to bed at night for 2 reasons:

1. Someone will do something terrible to me while I sleep.
2. I will have be the outsider on all of the inside jokes that happen after 10pm.

I'm seriously glad I'm all caught up on sleep. Because I'm in Spain. All I have to do is train and eat and sleep. This is my life???

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