Monday, February 22, 2010

Spain Day #8 - Yo Quiero Mas

(group pic at the top of el Torcal)

The numbers say that this was the hardest training day of my life. If this were a word problem in your elementary school math textbook it would say something like:

"Guru rode her bike for 5 hours. She climbed a very steep 3k, then 5k, then 15k hill. Her final hill was a a 17% grade. How long did Guru soak in the hot tub once she got back to the camp?"

Anyway, that sounds insane. Here's the thing, I spent that ride looking a beautiful Spain thinking, "this is just awesome" while I rode with some awesome people. It wasn't a hard training day, it was a sick training day and an unforgettably awesome training day.

I had even decided not to do the hardest part but when we got there John said, "you're doing this". And I did :D Thank you, John, for that gift.

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Austin said...

3k then 5k then 15k climbs? 15k at 17% grade?