Friday, July 1, 2011

#i8this Summer Eating Challenge! You might even win a free consult with me!

(Here's where I'm hanging this weekend. Check out that view!)

Okay you buncha show-offs!!! It's time for the next #i8this Challenge! This time we're going to be sharing photos of our Summer food. Some of us are celebrating a holiday weekend, but even if you're not, you should be celebrating life and yummy food. I don't care if you're posting photos of healthy food or junk. Just jump in and play!

#i8this Summer Food Ideas:

- Show off your grill skillz! If you're out there slaving over your hot grill anyway, we want to see what you're making. Fa shizzle!

- Set a healthy goal. Do you want to clean up your diet? Are you trying to eat less processed foods? Tell us what your focus is. *Tip: choose only 2-3 specific things to focus on so that you can keep track. I call these action steps.

- Are you tapering for a race? I will be! Share photos of what you eat during your taper.

#i8this is AWESOME because we get lots of motivation and ideas for ways to add more variety to our diet. We also get a sneak peak of what everyone else is putting in their pie holes.

How do you play?

It's easy! You're gonna eat anyway, right? So from July 2nd - July 5th just take a photo and:

a) post it on Twitter using the hashtag #i8this
b) post your photo on Facebook and link to the #i8this facebook page. Don't forget to become a fan!
c) blog! And be sure to tell us to check it out. You can use the comment section here to link to your blog
d) all of the above

Click here and here for past #i8this challenges.

*** As an added bonus I'm going to choose one photo per day to share on my blog, along with the recipe, for everyone to see! That person will also get a FREE phone consultation with me. That's one person per day for 4 days, 4 people get FREE consults! Aren't I generous? To enter to win, just tweet your photo using the #i8this hashtag. If you're not using twitter and you want your photo to be considered, just comment on the blog with your link.

Who's with me???


Megan said...

BLoggering about breakfast! #i8this

Texafornia said...

Yay! For whatever Guru does, it rocks!