Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Ironman Day!

(Coffee taper is OVER)

I've been traveling to Lake Placid for IMLP for four years straight now. I'm already planning to be back next year. My heart, of this sport, lives in this town. It beats through the buzz and the love travels through the course and the athletes I meet. There truly is nothing like being here for this event. I'm a better and happier person for finding myself here, falling for triathlon.

(Yesterday's pro swim start)

Race day charges through my emotions like lightening. In 2008, I stood in the pouring rain and admired the people around me. I didn't understand how 140.6 could be possible. In 2009, I watched several friends go the distance for the first time. I watched with my friend Kate as her ironhubby (and a dear friend of mine) Phil finished his first ironman. I cried like a baby with that one, after having put in hours and hours of training with Phil for his big day. And then, in 2010, I became an ironman... YAY!

(Anna and Grant getting suited up)

IMLP 2011 was a a big day for me, though I wasn't racing. I was "staffing" John. Armed with a media pass, pen, notepad and stopwatch... I was nervous and excited! I even called John's dad the day before the race to go over any tips he would have for me. Poppa Hirsch is a badass spectator with a serious job to help John dominate. As it turns out, I'm damn good at it too!

(Cheering at Papa Bear!)

It was a hot day in the sun. I made friends with other spectators and had a blast. I was well prepared with everything I needed because I checked in with TheyTri before the race. The hours flew by and so did John! I'm so proud of him for his top 10 finish and I was honored to play a very important role for him. I'm also very proud of Grant with his 12:29 finish and Anna for her FOURTEENTH ironman!

(My very own MPRO)

(Grant on his new ERC bike, just out of t1)

Congrats to all of the IMLP 2011 athletes! I can't wait for next year!

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