Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lake Placid Sprint

(Mirror Lake - so pretty)

My ironmen needed an activity for last night, so I did them a solid and jumped into a local sprint tri to entertain them. It was an incredibly selfless act on my part. I'm good people.

It all happened so fast. I was dressed in my kit and being body marked within an hour of discovering that there was a race being held. I decided to go wetsuitless for the 400 yd swim because Anna went wetsuitless in her recovery swim an hour earlier. I was standing in the water, ready for the ready-set-go, when I looked back at John. He looked at me and said "WIN". And we were off!!! I wanted to see what would happen if I pretended I wasn't a little scared of swimming and I went out, balls to the wall, all out. That lasted for about 2 minutes until I was ready to drown. Once I collected myself, I settled into my usual leisurely pace and came out of the water somewhere in the middle of the crowd. It was a learning experience.

(As I come out of the water, a woman points and says "OMG! Check out those guns!")

My cheering squad was taking video of me and commentating and cracking me up through t1. In a Phil Liggett voice, John was saying "and here comes Christine Lynch, this is her first race in her new big girl shoes" because I now have REAL cycling shoes and pedals rather than my original mountain bike shoes and pedals. I'm not used to clipping in with them yet, and it was rainy, so to my opponents it looked like I didn't know how to ride a bike. I almost fell over trying to get going.

(This is a pro style flying cyclocross mount)

Well... they must have been surprised when I FLEW PASSED THEM once I got myself situated! Suckaaaazzzz!!! I got to ride the bike course backwards until we got to River Rd, then turned right, then right into town and back to Mirror Lake.

I made up for my wimpy swim and got to t2 in 3rd. My CREW was cheering and yelling my place. It was still raining but I hardly noticed. I threw on my running sneakers, Grant reminded me to take off my helmet (thanks Grant - you'd think I'd never done this) and I was off, on a mission to catch the 2 girls in front of me. Well, I didn't. I caught one guy and I considered staying behind him because that would put me in 10th overall and I thought that would be cute because John went 10th the day before at IMLP. Then I realized, if John went 10th I should go 9th. My finishing time was 1:10 for the 400 yd swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run. I'd say that's a pretty nice accomplishment.

(I had the loudest cheering section, YAY!)

(Recovery dinner - A CREW group effort)

And lastly, a few more photos of my ironmen as they recover from the big day! It was a day of eating, napping, strolling and Harry Potter watching. It was a PERFECT day.

(CREW porch breakfast picnic)

(then I found this)

(and these - Grant and Anna)

Thank you for making me race, CREW! And thank you for taking photos, John! I love you guys!


runsingteach said...

Kick Ass Girl! How fun IS that!! (Also, what is on that delicious plate?)

Coveting the experience and the naps!


HolisticGuru said...

Sarah, Thanks! On the plate we have a raw kale salad by Grant, a caprese salad by Anna, and quinoa with white beans by Grant but I helped stir. We also had baked yams. It was spectacular.

PJ said...

Impromptu sprint. That's awesome! Good job on taking one for the team. I am proud of you. :P

Tri_Dietitian said...

Great race, girl! What a great way to spend the day after the IM. A good race, sleeping, eating, and good friends. This is exactly how I want my "day after" to be for my first IM in Cozumel!

HolisticGuru said...

PJ - I'm always willing to take one for the team. I bet you would have sacrificed yourself in the same way.

HolisticGuru said...

Tri_Dietitian - Thanks! It was a perfect day after. I hope you plan to spend some time in Coz after the race. I bet its a beautiful place to take in when you're feeling the physical pain mixed with the overwhelming sense of accomplishment after an IM :D I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes!