Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lake Placid: Day 2 in Photos

The day started with a CREW breakfast picnic on the porch. The ironmen are still on their taper diets so they enjoyed some fruit with nut butter. Here is Grant. Grant has a banana.

After a swim, we were off to ironmanland to get my media pass and John had the pro meeting. Here's a CREW boy band photo. We love each other.

Healthy snack! Grant and I are way into "ants on a log" these days. How could you not want to munch on this? Preschool teachers are genius. If you end up making this I want to hear about it. Tweet a photo with #i8this!

DO NOT be deceived by this photo. It's not entirely a "happy hat" photo. This is actually a photo that was taken between gangsta faces. This is my "wasn't-that-a-killer-gangsta-face-wait-till-you-see-my-next-gangsta-face" face.

And the boy band photos happen day and night. This is after the WILDLY INSPIRATIONAL athlete welcome dinner. God, we were so pumped after that! It's totally worth going to this event. You'll NEVER be too cool, or too fast, or too experienced for it. YAY! RACING!

We ended the day with a CREW family stroll to town. This is Mirror Lake, in all its glory, at sunset. My breath was taken away. This place is pure magic.

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