Friday, July 29, 2011

Figure Out How to Fuel Your Body to Train and Race at Your Maximum Potential, NOW!

(Me, Anna, John and Grant at IMLP - the guys both had awesome results and they eat what I tell 'em... coincidence? I think not)

Holistic Nutrition Discount: *FoR OnE WEEK ONLY* $25 off initial consults and $50 off for monthly programs (per month!)

In the last couple of weeks I've had a few clients finish their 6-month programs with me. I want to replace them right away, especially with "A" fast approachging, people need to focus on FOOD FOR FUEL. Meanwhile, it is always a good time to make nutrition changes and to focus on health goals. With triathletes and runners in particular, the pressure of the looming race brings buckets full of motivation. You can tap into that motivational fear and squeeze all of your athletic potential out of it. Making healthy changes with your nutrition RIGHT NOW is perfect for a few reasons:

* Your body should be begging you to eat a healthier diet to support the work it does for you
* You'll learn how to eat according to your needs based on your bio-individuality, training volume, specific race goals and lifestyle
* You'll know HOW MUCH protein, carbs and fat to eat (and when to eat them) so that you feel awesomely fueled
* You'll learn the exact what/when/ how of racing nutrition for YOUR body
* You'll learn how to incorporate "nutrition simulators" into your training plan

And that's just what you'll improve related to your athletic goals. We will also focus on your other health goals and concerns (healthy weight, learning to cook, day-to-day nutrition, increased energy, etc). I've successfully helped so many people get healthier, without even turning their lives upside down to do it. Just ask around! You can start here.

You've thought about it... now DO IT. You can contact me at: OR through my website contact form.

*Offer good through August 5th.

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