Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lake Placid: Day 3 - Sh*t's Gettin' Real

This morning was the first day off the taper diet for the boys! I woke up and they were making gluten free pancakes and eggs. Still no coffee, though.

Not the greatest photo from my blackberry, but while we waited for breakfast, Grant gave me an airplane ride! No hands!

And here are the PERFECT pancakes. We got to enjoy these babies outside overlooking the view of the mountains! Pretty, right?

And here is the ERC bike that John will be kicking ass on tomorrow. This bike is going to blow you all away. It's DREAMY and FAST and I want one.

Pre-race dinner! I always keep it super simple. Brown rice pasta, tomato sauce, spinach and vegetarian "meat"balls. It was fabulous.

And here are my ironmen watching Versus commercials. You can feel this place vibrating with nerves and excitement. These three are my ironman heroes, along with everyone else I'll be seeing out there tomorrow.

Grant - I KNOW you're going to have the race you want tomorrow. It's the race you deserve. You've worked hard for this and your CREW family will be sending fierce vibes of love and support to you. When you feel the despair start to set in, picture us. We'll be there with you... hitting you with sparkly, inspirational shovels and making you punch your own face.

Anna - You're the most badass ironmangirl I've ever known. I'm gratefu to have your footsteps to follow and admire. I would never have advice to offer for someone who has your experience but I do have tons of CREW love. You'll race your race, like you race the rest, and we'll see you out there and think "that's our Miss Murder".

John - First, I love you. Second, you're SO READY for this race. I've watched you earn this with hours and hours of dedicated training. I'll be out there for you... supporting you with all of my heart, soul and might. Third, you're the BEST and I'm the LUCKIEST.

Tomorrow is your moment. "And that moment is a crossroads where everything you want will collide with everything standing in your way" -Versus Commercial

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