Monday, January 18, 2010

ZenTri Camp Day #3

Having experienced the pain of the Ride of Truth, I was surprisingly excited to get started. Before we left Rich gave a talk about the Physical and Mental Aspects of Going Long. It was perfect for some pre-ride motivation.

Our entire group of about 12 people managed to stay together for most of the ride. It was tons of fun. I felt great. I'm not sure if it was my new bike, the perfect weather or the awesome company but I didn't want that ride to end. We rode a total of 75 miles after I hadn't been on my bike for more than 90 minutes over the past 10 weeks.

There was an aid station at the halfway mark with lots of real food. We were able to shed layers, grab a bite and use a restroom. Dawn, aka @envirogisgirl, is totally new to triathlon and she jumped in to finish the ride with us. I'm so inspired by Dawn's excitement from getting into the sport and learning to eat healthier. She was AWESOME to have at the camp.

When we finished the ride John decided to brick it and run and I started a group cooking effort while others chilled and watched football. We made collards with black eyed peas and tempeh, quinoa salad, and butternut squash soup. It was quick and easy thanks to Emily's food prep work. She totally rocks.

While we cooked we also got a demo from Rich on making super smoothies with the vita-mix. Everyone loved them and luckily there was plenty to go around.

After dinner we all snuggled in the living room and watched Breaking Away. Awesome day.

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