Friday, January 15, 2010

ZenTri Camp Day #1

The following quotes are from our first day of camp. Feel free to make your guess as to who said what, in my comments section:

1. "I'm too fat to be manorexic"

2. "Which cigarettes are the healthiest option"

3. "That is NOT funny and it is NOT nice"

4. "I see you chocolate cake"

5. "There is a whole lot of ego in this room right now"

- Kai
- Triboomer
- Fred
- Brett
- John H

Day #1 of ZenTri Base and Nutrition Camp was KICK ASS. We started with a "meet and greet" and everyone got all comfy, real fast. From there we headed to the grocery store for a tour. It was cool having Rich Roll there to lead the tour with me. I guess the store clerk must have recognized me, because as soon as he realized what was going on, he offered us samples of anything we wanted. No joke.

After that Rich gave a talk about his experience with triathlon and the events that brought him to be an Ultraman superstar. Now I think he's even more awesome. In fact, it's an awesomeness that would make you think he must have tattoo sleeves, yet he doesn't. It's crazy.

Then I made a healthy brunch. Everyone LOVED the tofu scramble and they were amazed that it tasted so much like the alternative egg and veggie scramble. Along with that I made steel cut oats and a spiced fruit salad. Everyone's getting sweet loot bags complete with a folder full of recipes and nutritional info.

Next up, John gave an Intro to Base Training talk. Everyone participated and asked questions and there was a ton of helpful information. It was wicked cool to have the perspectives of John, Brett and Rich on training advice.

At TAMU we got to run and we got video analysis by Brett. I ran with Emily and we talked about girl stuff (not really). After that we jumped in the pool. I haven't been in the pool in about 8 weeks so I pretty much forgot how to swim. By 200 yards I was whining under the water. By 500 yards I decided to cancel IMLP. By 1000 yards I remembered how to swim. By 2000 I felt pretty good about getting over that hurdle. Go me.

Then group mexican dinner. I had a beer. Yes I did.

After dinner Brett had a super informative zen talk for us. I sat there listening, applying the ideas not only to triathlon and training but also to other areas of my life. My favorite was "suffering is when you wish for something other than what is". You'll hear all about it, because lucky you, he recorded it for a podcast.

I'm so pumped about this camp. We have tons of ideas flowing for making it even better next year. This camp is so awesome that you would think it had tattoo sleeves, yet it really doesn't. Like honestly. Not a single sleeve.

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gaidner said...

I'll take a stab at who said what. not knowing everybody this is not easy but here are my guesses:

1. "I'm too fat to be manorexic"- Triboomer

2. "Which cigarettes are the healthiest option"- Fred

3. "That is NOT funny and it is NOT nice"- John H

4. "I see you chocolate cake"- Brett

5. "There is a whole lot of ego in this room right now" - Kai