Saturday, January 16, 2010

ZenTri Camp Day #2

(John, Roxy and Rich at zazen)

For day #2 of ZenTri Camp I got to do a lot of stuff behind the scenes. We started with zazen, led by Brett with some help by Rich. We learned how to sit and how to relax our mind. We learned techniques to avoid following our thought processes and we talked about the thoughts (and noises) that kept creeping into our heads.

At the end of zazen, Mama ZenTri (Emily) reminded me "if we don't leave now to get the food shopping and prep done we'll run out of time". We both had a hard time pulling ourselves away from the fun and learning but we made the "work" part seem fun anyway. Emily is such a huge part of this camp and its awesome having her hanging out with me and helping me. She is awesomer than you even know.

While we food shopped, the boys did bike fitting and form analysis. It looked like a lot of fun and I know everyone found it helpful.

Then lunch break until everyone met at TAMU for another awesome workout. I stayed with Emily and we prepped food and listened to gangsta rap and Jane's Addiction. The workouts sounded awesome with John leading a strength session with some people and Rich, Brett and the other swimmers helping people fix their form. Everyone came back looking buff.

They also came back hungry and ready for my cooking class. We ate almond ginger tofu, brown rice pilaf and sesame kale. I also made a surprise dessert, blueberry pear crisp. While we ate I gave some tips about making cooking easier without extra effort. When I was done Brett talked about applying minimalism to triathlon. After that, John spoke in detail about creating the perfect swim and bike workouts.

Another KICK ASS day.

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Dawn said...

This was the awesomest healthy dinner EVER!! It was SO GOOD I wouldn't have known it was healthy except that you cooked it ;-)