Thursday, January 14, 2010

ZenTri Base and Nutrition Camp Eve

(Brett and Triboomer and the Vita-Mix)

Sorry I can't blog right now. There are WAY TOO MANY awesome people in this kitchen. I'm in College Station, TX getting ready for Day #1 of the ZenTri Base and Nutrition Camp. I'm sitting here with Texafornia, Triboomer, John Hirsch, and Fred. We're all about to sign off and get some rest for tomorrow. We're starting with a health food store tour and a healthy brunch on our first day. For more details, check out the camp schedule. I'll be blogging the camp gossip column every day so be sure to keep checking in. Meanwhile, this is what's happening right this very second:

We just found a spider in the house.

John is putting some bikes back together (Brett snuck some video footage here).

Emily is putting Kai to bed.

Triboomer is leaving for his hotel.

Brett is winning the Blog Martial Arts competition against John because John's blog is down.

I'm blogging and printing handouts for the campers (getting ready for all the excitement).

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