Monday, April 2, 2012

Nevis Day #6 - the last day!

This morning I woke up feeling surprisingly great and not sore. What the heck?!?! John says its because the run was shorter than most long course races and TriStar is known to be a race with a faster recovery because the bike leg is the star of the show. I wondered if it was because I should have pushed harder!

We started the day with a 90-min hike with Greg (our homestay) up a giant hill to see the beautiful view from high above the island. Then we went to a brunch held in honor of Kristina and Nic of It was a send off party for them to start their year-long journey on bikes (heavy ones packed with gear) around the world. They are raising money to fund youth programs and they're getting married halfway through the trip! Kristina is hoping to take the Guiness record as first woman to ride around the world. Like I said, we've met some pretty amazing people here. It was sad to say goodbye to most of the TriStar people as well, but we'll stay in touch.

We've also been eating mainly locally grown foods! We had fruit for a pre-breakfast snack, fruits, veggies and eggs for brunch, then fresh coconut that we got on the beach as an afternoon snack! I LOVE this and my body feels wonderful. I never thought that this trip would end up as an unplanned "cleanse", even though my general diet is very healthy. This is the next level.

After brunch we went back to the house for some work and office hours. I have managed an excellent balance of working remotely and enjoying the island on this trip. It makes me feel good!

After office hours we were off to the beach for a swim. I managed a very legitimate swim workout and then sat on the beach while John helped the guys with some post-race "men's work". How many pros hang around and offer to help with that? He also gave one of the race directors a private swim clinic today. I got myself a good man.

So as I sit here and watch the sunset on the beach and write this blog post, FOUR COWS JUST WALKED PASSED ME on the edge of the water. Just going for a stroll. No, they were not accompanied by humans. They were just going for a walk. What. It was surreal. This is my life???