Sunday, December 19, 2010

Waahhh... I have a cold :O

I haven't been sick with a cold in over a year. I'm always so proud of myself that I make efforts to AVOID getting sick, rather than just treat the sickness when it comes. I've succeeded at that for quite awhile now. But this time I have been defeated. I woke up this morning sneezing, runny nose and with a scratchy throat. I also have the lovely chills and spacey feeling. But whatever, I am gonna punch this cold in the face and kick it where it counts. Here's how:

1) On the first day, with the first signs of a cold, shut life off asap. Go home after work, only do what you have to do, cancel plans with friends (why get them sick too? Unless they're the one who got you sick, then you should make out with them for proper revenge). GO HOME and get your infected butt off the streets. The athletes out there will hate you if you don't go home and get away from them.

2) Take a eucalyptus bath. Make it hot, sweat it out. Suffer. DO NOT take medicine to dry up your sinuses or lower a fever below 100.3. Your body is getting rid of your cold, I don't recommend meddling with that. You can take medicine to get through a night of sleep if you absolutely can't miss work the next day. If you can miss work and shut down, do it! A day of rest now will save you 3 days missing work if this turns into an infection in your lungs. IF you HAVE to go to work, take medicine to get you through. When you are able to shut down, SUFFER. It heals you. Cough, sneeze, snot, fever... They are on your side to get you better.

3) Make soup with the following ingredients:

-chicken or veggie stock or broth
-onions (boiled in the soup, not sauteed)
-as much garlic as you can stand
-leafy greens
-protein optional (try beans, chicken, tempeh, etc)
-grain if you're hungry, though a proper cold will decrease your appetite so that your body isn't focused on digestion while its trying to heal at alarming rates.

4) Sleep is free medicine. Seriously? How many times do I have to tell you that? Stressed? Take a nap. Headache? Take a nap. Sick? Take a nap. Cranky? Go to bed. TIRED? Don't socialize, sleep.

5) Say, I can't do that. My life is too hectic. Then go to step 1 and start over, doing it right this time. All the while, repeating over and over to yourself "she was totally right".

(Photo: We decorated our tree last night with construction paper ornaments!)

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Texafornia said...

Your tree looks like a dead guy wearing a green coat, rolled in awesome.

HolisticGuru said...

Hey! That tree recipe was TOP SECRET!

beadmobile said...

Good post. Like you, I've not been sick in a long time. But I know it's a real possibility with all the people in my office who are sick. Hope you are feeling better soon :o)

HolisticGuru said...

beadmobile - thank you :) I hope you don't catch the office cold!