Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cross is...

I did my first cyclocross race! I can't believe I forgot to blog about this! AAAAHHHH!!!

When I first got into tri, I hadn't spent any time on a road bike. I had a lot to learn. But I started to put the hours in and the miles underneath me by bringing my bike everywhere I went. One day, I was driving with my dad in Amesbury, MA and I saw the craziest thing! "What the heck ARE THEY DOING???" So we stopped to watch and my dad and I both thought it was totally rad that they were riding all over the grass then picking up their bikes and jumping over things. My dad said "when ya gonna staht doin' that?" (He has a wicked Boston accent). I said "I bet I could do that".

Then, Jamie Bull did one and posted photos on his blog. I was all over him with questions. (Btw, congrats on your engagement, Sam and Jamie! I knew that one was coming). Jamie told me I would totally love cyclocross. And I was all, "yeah, someday... <Sigh>".

And now, John got us a cross bike and we can share it because I'm a tall drink of water. He likes cross for winter training so we registered for a race in RI - Verge Series #10. I showed up with my badass attitude on the morning of the race, John had me practice mounting and dismounting, and I rode a lap of the course. It was just like riding around my neighborhood and in the woods behind my parents house. I was totally amped. It was FREEZING out and John raced first, while I froze one hand off to get photos. He started almost last and still finished in the top 25%. He's so dreamy.

Now for my race! I had a bitch of a time clipping in on the pedals we were using but I didn't care. I was just out there to try it out and have some fun and be able to say I raced cross (\m/).

- I only fell once
- I got to run in the sand carrying a bike (and that was when I passed people)
- I got lots of practice with sharp cornering (which I'm really bad at)
- I looked like I knew what I was doing when I jumped over the thingies
- I got to ride with all the lead, superfast women (when they were on their fifth lap and I was on my fourth)
- I didn't finish last

Overall, a kick ass event! I can't wait to do another one. I hear there's a long one called Ironcross. I already want to do that. The most important thing to take away from this experience... I'm glad I approach triathlon and cycling with fun first and results fourth in importance (second is tri-food and third is tri-make-up). I frigging love this stuff.

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Sherri said...

Yes! Go woman, get your cross on. I'm really not any good at it, but it is such a blast, painful, hard and tons of fun that I will do this sport for years to come.
Those thingies are barriers. You'll catch on to the lingo soon enough. Just need to work on that cross face, the one that looks like you are suffering like no other. :-)

Holden said...

Ok. The thingies are called barriers. Your shouldering technique needs a little work. You need to come to Louisville next year. And CX is boss. Way to go, guru.

Kelly said...

Ha! Love how about a post about know, the important thing!!

HolisticGuru said...

Sherri - thanks! Sounds like you enjoy it for the same reasons that I do!

Boss (Holden) - thanks and I'll have a new tattoo to show off in Lou next year. Though I hope to see you and the fam before then in Sandusky :)

Kelly - are you serious about the tri make up post? Because... don't think I won't! Maybe I could submit that for Wonderful You Wednesday?