Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy and Healthy Holidays- Part 3

At the party

- Wear something that you feel good in, something that you look forward to wearing. When you feel good about yourself on the outside, it will help you to respect yourself from the inside.

- Fill half your plate with veggies.

- Chew thoroughly- this is guaranteed to eliminate overeating.

- Chew gum to avoid going back to the buffet for thirds.

- Don’t deprive yourself, have a few bites of the less healthy foods that appeal to you.

- Drink lots of water. Water will help fill you up and prevent the next day’s hangover.

- Take a quick walk outside with anyone else who might be feeling full. This will give you a burst of energy and help take your mind off of food.

- Do not take leftovers with you. This is how we turn 2 or 3 holidays into a month-long binge.

- Think about why you're trying this new strategy this year. Envision yourself at your ideal weight, with more energy, fewer colds and headaches and living longer. This will remind you that what you are doing is well worth the effort.

- If you buckle once, don't use it as an excuse to cave entirely. Think about how great you'll feel later for accomplishing your goal. Even if you mess up, you'll still be in a better place than you were last year.

- Remember that this is just another meal. The real meaning of the holidays is about being with your family and friends. If you think you should eat a lot just because its the Holidays, you probably will.

Check back tomorrow for the after party!

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