Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog Cooking

A couple of days ago I was catching up on twitter updates and I saw that @jenwilltri had posted a new recipe on her excellent blog, Good Family Food. Sunday was a day to run errands so I decided to pick up the ingredients needed for Jen’s Mushroom Barley Stew. It sounded like the perfect meal for a cold and windy Sunday evening.

Once again, I did not follow the recipe exactly (although this time I came pretty close). I happen to have a great local store for picking up fresh veggies so I went with fresh snap peas and fresh pearl onions. I had never cooked with pearl onions before, and let me tell you, there must be a trick that I’m unaware of because I cried my eyes out while peeling each individual little onion. I wasn’t even cutting them. It was a time-consuming, difficult project. If you try this recipe, follow Jen’s advice and use frozen pearl onions. Along with switching from frozen to fresh, I also added ribboned collards that I had in the refrigerator and I added some of the greens from the carrot tops for a little nutritional boost. Instead of the biscuit crust, which sounded delicious, I made corn bread because I already had ingredients for that.

This meal was well worth the time involved and the time wasn’t all spent preparing the food. There were a couple of steps that required waiting for 30 minutes, which was the perfect amount of time to fold laundry and get some other cleaning done. I will definitely save this recipe.

You can find the original and full recipe here.



SpeedySasquatch said...

Onions, in all of there permutations, are dangerous! This is one recipe that I am going to give a go while I am home with the folks over the Holidays!

It is further proof that if you put it out there people will really consider and try it out.

Jen said...

Glad you liked it! I think we will bring this to the tupper Lake love shack this year :)