Saturday, October 15, 2011

Final Prep for Beach to Battleship

(Photo: My podium photo from Hightstown)
My final prep for Beach to Battleship 140.6 started with Savageman. That was a pretty serious brick workout and I was surprised to have recovered relatively quickly from it. I'm sticking with the prep then taper plan that John gave me and I feel faster and stronger than ever. I also have too much energy, which I don't understand. I should be exhausted! Maybe its because my diet has been spot on. It's also likely due to the fact that training A TON makes me HAPPY and HAPPY gives me buttloads of ENERGY. I did miss a few days because I had a cold, but I recovered quickly and pushed things back, giving myself a bit of a shorter taper (which may be better for me). John helped me adjust my plan by calling me immediately when I started to send him ironman freakout texts.

So, here it is:

Week #1 (easing into it with 2 races)

Sunday - Savageman as my 4 hour ride/ 2 hour run brick
Monday - DEAD
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 6 miles of walking/ 45 min run
Thursday - bike 45 minutes
Friday - swim 2000
Saturday - bike 45 minutes

Total: very low numbers for a prep week but it was also a recovery week

Week #2

Sunday - Hightstown Tri = 1 hour 21 min with 15 mile bike and 5 miles of running
Monday - Death Brick #2: 7 hr /100 mile hilly ride to Bear Mtn then 6 mile/ 52 min run
Tuesday - 50 min run/ swim 3000 yards
Wednesday - 18.5 mile run with tempo
Thursday - swim 2500 meters
Friday - 2 hour 45 minute bike with intervals
Saturday - 1 hour run

Total: 18 hours

Week #3

Sunday - 2.5 hour ride
Monday - sick
Tuesday - sick
Wednesday - 90 min run with tempo
Thursday - rest (murdering the last bit of sickness to prep for a big weekend)
Friday - 20 mile run in 2:38!!!
Saturday - 30 min bike commute

Total: 7 hours 45 minutes (LOW!)

Week #3 re-do

Sunday - 4k open water swim
Monday - 121 mile hilly ride/ 30 min run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 2.5 hour run
***official taper start***
Thursday - 30 min swim
Friday - 45 min swim
Saturday - 30 min ride

Total: 14 hours 45 minutes

Looking at these totals makes me think "uh oh. I trained with a lot more volume for IMLP last year". BUT I'm feeling more fit than ever and I got all of my key workouts in. So we'll see how it pays off on race day!  I am so excited for this race and I'm really looking forward to hanging out in North Carolina in October!  I'll be on a beach in warmer weather. It's okay to hate me. I'll make it up to you by telling you how the race is so you can sign up next year!

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