Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week #1 and VT to MA

Vermont was pure bliss. Everything about it was rejuvenating. Somehow the long hours of training even felt like they built me up on an emotional and spiritual level. I barely feel physically tired after a heavy week of training because life is just SO good. Everything we ate was prepared at home and eaten outside overlooking a gorgeous view. It was sometimes difficult to be disconnected from the outside world without internet, though we did have our bberries, but it was also part of what made it feel so cleansing.

And now we're in MA where its back to balancing work, family and training. Its harder to get the workouts in but also nice to spend time with family. And yes, I have plenty of work to do... but I LOVE the work that I do :)

Here is a quick list of some clean and yummy meals from week 1:


papaya with yogurt and granola

huevos rancheros (eggs, beans, veggies on soft corn tortillas)

gluten free mickey mouse waffles with eggs and fruit


hummus and veggie wraps/ sandwiches
veggie burgers and salad
Hammer nutrition (when we trained through lunch)


gluten free pasta with tomato sauce, veggie meatballs and broccoli
veggie hotdogs with sweet potato wedges and sauteed kale
veggie burgers with arugula salad
tofu sauteed with sesame kale and baked sweet potato
taco night with black beans, soy chorizo, kale and avocado


chocolate hemp shake

And here is a glance of my training from week 1:

Monday- 45 min run, 2.5k swim, 45 min run
Tuesday- "Death Brick" 4 hour ride/ 2 hour run
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- 2.5 hour ride, 2.5k swim, yoga
Friday- 45 min run, 2.5k swim
Saturday- 2.5 hour run (18 miles at an 8:23 pace!)
Sunday- 4 hour mountain ride, 4k swim

(John at the top of one of the climbs)


swim- 11.5k
bike- 140 miles
run- 44 miles

total hours = 21



IronHoosier said...

Good luck at IMLP it's my fav!!!

HolisticGuru said...


Thanks! I cannot wait. I've spectated there for a few years and LOVE IT :)

Brybrarobry said...

Nice. I started feeling tranquil and think my life sucked after reading your post and seeing those pictures. I didn't see one KFC box. haha.

Good luck training. I may see you at IMLP. Look for the captains hat. I'll be in the bar after the race and before.