Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 3: Yoga happened

After writing all day I got to go for a run. I ran a loop of the park even though my training plan had me making paper mache racing helmets (my coach has me doing some wacky stuff to make me a faster triathlete). I finished up with a juicy yoga practice on the grass, facing the sun. It was exactly what I needed. The pic is Jhon T, the yoga master who taught me everything I know at Atmananda yoga studio.

As for food, today I decided to add more protein with dinner because my body was asking nicely for it.

breakfast - burdock tea, hemp shake with maca

lunch - leftover spaghetti squash with wilted arugula, garlic tomato and raw basil

snack - apple, orange, grapes

snack (again) - sardines (go ahead and think its gross; you're wrong)

dinner - omelet with basil, roasted sweet potato wedges, arugula salad

Get excited about tomorrow. You get to read about my awesome ride and my new-secret-superhero-power-training-food.

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