Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 2: These Are the Cries of the Carrots

Yesterday I actually had a detoxing headache! I was a bit surprised because my diet is pretty clean so I don't usually experience difficult cleansing symptoms, just a heightened sense of clarity. I assume that the headache is due to my increased caffeine intake over the past few months, which still isn't more than one coffee per day. And when I drink coffee, I drink coffee. I sit and enjoy it. It is all very zen and hippie crunchy. When drinking coffee, drink coffee; when riding your bike, ride your bike. What is the lesson?

Anyway, I appreciate the headache because it demonstrates to me that my body is doing its job and making me all clean on the insides. I was pleasantly surprised when I had a fresh veggie juice with a wheatgrass shot, which made my headache go away. I felt all wonderful and stuff after that.

I also decided to add a bit more protein, from a source other than hemp. One hemp shake per day is enough for me. So I added some homemade hummus yesterday. As I was eating the hummus (with carrots and celery) I was thinking, this isn't all that different than the way I eat normally. I'm really only removing grains, coffee, condiments, and meat (of which I eat very little). My diet has been pretty stellar over the past few months and I barely realized it. This realization made me fall a little bit more in love with myself :)

One last thing, some of you know I've been taking some classes this semester and I'm finishing finals this week. Because of academia I have been a total slacker triathlete and I'm usually very focused on getting my training in. I've had to take the last three days off! I'll be running and doing core today but I feel like a lazy ass. The yoga hasn't really happened yet during the cleanse. I'd like to make the yoga happen. I might call my friend Karen to help me with that. She's the awesomest yoga teacher. More awesomer than me.


breakfast - apple, burdock tea, hemp shake with maca

lunch - leftover steamed broccoli, carrots, and burdock; a sweet potato

snack - veggie juice, hummus with carrots and celery

snack - a little mix of strawberries, pineapple, mango

dinner - spaghetti squash with sauteed garlic, tomato, fresh basil, wilted arugula

I've been adding flavor with a little sea salt, pepper and olive oil. I usually water saute then add olive oil as a dressing after cooking.

Tonight I'll be going to the store to get some lemons and maple syrup because tomorrow morning starts the lemonade chapter of my cleansity-cleanse. This is my favorite part because it makes me sink way inside my head, like an active meditation vacation.

My ipod, Sydney, played this song for me yesterday while I was eating lunch. It made me giggle:

"The cries of the carrots! ...tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust." -Disgustipated by Tool

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ramster said...

that spashetti squash looks great. on my shopping list it goes. can you cook just part, or reheat?