Friday, March 30, 2012

Nevis Day #4 - 1 more sleep until TriStar Nevis 111

The swim
This morning began with a swim course preview organized by the race directors and TriStar.  I swam with pros John Hirsch (he's dreamy), Amy Kloner and Laurel Wassner.  I was dropped for their "easy" course preview withing 10 seconds, but it was pretty awesome that they all joined in.  After the swim, we did our own run course preview.  It's hilly and going to be hot.  Macca did this race last year and after checking out his spilts, we knew there had to be some evil during the 10k run.  He ran it in 40-something minutes last year!  Good.  I like a hard race.

While we registered I performed my original choreography of the Caribbean Race Wheel Dance.

It was breathtaking and graceful.

Now we're on pre-race shut down for a bit.  We have our feet up until we head to the pre-race pump up dinner.  I'm really excited to go because everything has been tons of fun so far.

If you want to follow the race, check out and follow TriStar Live on twitter!

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