Friday, March 30, 2012

Nevis Day #2 - Falling in love with the island

So, the bike shop, Wheel World,  is on the beach - which also makes it the swim spot. Not only that, there is an outdoor food spot at the same location on the beach. We rode to the bike shop, changed into swim gear, swam over pretty (and enormous) starfish, and then grabbed an amazing carribean/vegetarian lunch on the beach. Sitting there I realized how easy it would be to blink and have 10 years go by.

During the swim, John worked on drafting with me. Swimming is my weakness, mainly because I only learned how to swim a few years ago and I've never really put in the time it takes to improve in the water. March has been a "get serious" swim focus for me and John has been coaching me through form drills, speed intervals, and some racing and open water drills (like drafting). I did well with the lesson on the beach until my bikini bottom fell off. I should have worn an actual training swimsuit! Whatever though, my tan looks great.

Our lovely swim spot
Later that evening was the TriStar Nevis Pink Lily Charity Run. While we waited to start we hung out with our new friends Amy Kloner (female pro) and her boyfriend, Tom.

Amy and I decided to keep it easy and do the "fun run" for fun and not ruin our legs for the race on Saturday. I ran the first half at a strong pace, chatting the whole time, but then I think Amy picked it up because it became much less conversational. I dropped back and kept it easy and threw in a few pick ups to get snappy and finished between 22 and 23 minutes. The finish was a HUGE party! Tri Star and the race directors are great at making a giant presence and making everything a party.

John with our homestay (he's also one of the race directors, Greg - we love him.

I danced, I played with a monkey, and just full on enjoyed the powerful positive and happy energy of the islanders. Honestly, coming from NYC it feels like an enormous exhale from the tense energy at home. Everyone is happy. All the time. It's amazing!

That night we were off to bed early so that we could wake up and go through our homestay Greg's morning routine with him! This is honestly my favorite way to travel. Hang with the locals and tag along while they do their thing. There's no better way to experience a new place. It would be even better with a visitor's guide written by TheyTri, the website designed by a dear friend of mine to support triathlon sherpas and families.  Throw a bike in the mix and you have yourself a heaping pile of traveling perfection.

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