Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Tips for Cold and Flu Prevention

Everyone is sick.  I went to see my family in MA for Christmas and they all had a cold.  I went to visit friends in VT for New Year's and they had a throat/ stomach thing.  Now, I'm sitting next to my sick dream guy because he doesn't listen to me, or his coach, or doctor when we tell him to stop training and get better.  No amount of healthy soup will take a sick man through a run training focus.  So, what to do? I don't want to get sick!

10 Tips for Cold and Flu Prevention

1. Eat a wholesome diet that includes lots of greens and colorful produce.  Avoid immune-compromising sugary foods.

2. Eat garlic. It works like a broad-spectrum antibiotic against bacteria in the body, and you can't develop a resistance to it.  Use fresh garlic and add it to soups, stir frys, salad dressing, sauces, etc.

3. Drink plenty of pure water and herbal tea.  You can try Yogi Tea or Traditional Medicinals.  Look for teas that are meant for immune boosting, cold care or throat comfort.

4. Take a daily multi-vitamin for added support. Rainbow Lite is a good option.

5. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. It makes a gigantic difference in decreasing your chances of getting cooties from your friends (unless you are kissing them, then you're... never mind).

6. Get regular exercise to increase your blood flow, circulation, and to allow your body to detoxify through sweat.

7. Get more sleep. Make it quality. Make it a priority. Your body works hardest to fight germs while you are asleep.  Even 30 minutes extra will make a difference.

8. Open your windows (just a bit), especially while you are asleep.  Dry heat will also dry out the mucous membranes in your respiratory system. Or you can buy a humidifier.

9. Reduce stress by saying "I'm not wasting emotional energy on this". Your body is unable to battle germs as well when you are constantly battling stress. Take a deep breath.

10. Make soup like the one in the photo above. Then eat the soup.  Include greens, onions, garlic, carrots and fresh ginger.


trifitmom said...

shaklee defend and resist, i swear by it !!!

forehead thermometers said...

Thanks for the cold and flu prevention tips. It seems like this time of year is the best time to really make sure you get a lot of sleep and drink plenty of water.