Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A list of all the things I'm excited about for ZenTri Base Camp (written to make you jealous)

1. I get to cook for people who are excited to learn how to eat healthier as part of their daily diet and also for better triathlon performance.

2. I get to talk about nutrition and triathlon constantly, and maybe I'm a bit full of myself, but I already know I'm gonna answer some questions that will change people's lives.

3. I get to hang out with Emily (@ZenTriNurse) and we might get a tattoo or a piercing.

4. I get to hang out with Brett and laugh until my belly hurts because he and John are so funny together.

5. I get to hang with Rich Roll again and share nutrition knowledge. I have so much to learn from him AND he's just super awesome.

6. I get to meet Jessi Stensland finally! And she's gonna teach MovementU.

7. I get to meet my buddy Morgan. He and I email solely in gibberish or gangsta dialect. I'm wondering if we're going to talk like that in person too.

8. I'm going to teach yoga! I designed a special routine for triathlon muscles that involves lots of gentle hip opening and belly dancing.

9. I'm gonna have one eye open when we do group meditation so I can watch John try to meditate and be still. It has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen.

10. I'm going to ride a tandem bike again with my good friend and client, Cathy: (www.reflectionsofatriathlete.blogspot.com). This will be practice for the upcoming season when I'll be guiding her in some races. I had so much fun doing it last year. Cathy is such an inspiration to me and everyone at the camp is going to want a turn on that bike!

11. I'm going to soak up some zen habits from Brett. I got some last year but lost them by now. I need to recharge and get all zen and shit.

12. I'm gonna get tips on swimming from some pretty outstanding swimmers.

13. I'm gonna meet all of the new campers and I feel like I know a few of them already.

14. I get to hang out with Emily again.

15. I can't wait!!! Now my flight better not get delayed because of this storm.

(Photo: Cathy and I with the "green monster", a Cannondale obviously, at our sprint tri last summer)
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