Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween weekend began with a pumpkin carving party on Friday night. We also made candy apples and watched Nightmare Before Christmas. It was tons of fun. Coraline even got her face painted (with washable markers). I never even realized that having an all white doggie would be like having a blank canvas to draw on. Then on Saturday we went to the wedding of 2 triathlon friends, Ken and Aubrey. Aubrey also recently graduated from the Instutute for Integrative Nutrition and is now a health counselor, like me! The wedding was outdoors and perfect and beautiful with all of the fall colors. Saturday night we got home late but still got all dressed up to go to a halloween dance party. I was an evil marionette and John was a puppet master. We looked awesome and had a blast!

Sunday we recovered from Saturday by eating healthy food and resting. Then on Monday morning John took me to the gym with him. I did his strength workout and now I can't walk very well. Its the good kind of pain though... The kind that comes when you're building muscle to ride your bike faster. It also helps to know that many of the CREW will be doing the same thing and we'll all be walking funny!

I'm seriously looking forward to next season. I'm focusing on base training, building strength, getting enough rest, and eating clean to get me through the winter.

(Photo: I was the EVIL marionette - skeery!)
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