Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Finally! Crazy season is over. I've spent the last few weeks after Rev3 Cedar Point catching up with non-tri friends, staying out late, dancing, indulging... (And I spent lots of time cooking and working) But I can't live like this! Triathlon keeps me centered and grounded. I NEED my routines to stay on top of my life and to be HAPPY. This past week I really started to come unglued. I got lazy and bratty and started ignoring some responsibilities. I really got a taste for what life could be like without as much structure. Yuck!

Lucky for me, my grandfather taught me "if you want to be fast you gotta sleep with your coach". So this morning I woke up next to mine ( and he dragged our lazy butts out of bed for a trail run. Man that felt good! I was already on my way to picking up the pieces yesterday by focusing on reorganizing some life and work stuff. I'm so ready to get back into training and living MY life, the way I love it.

I also had an important meeting this morning that will lead to an exciting project on the horizon. I can't announce it yet, but its BIG.

And most importantly, come to Zen Tri Camp with me! There are still spots left and the price was just lowered to $350 for the entire weekend! You'll get training and advice from Brett Blankner, Pro John Hirsch, Pro Jessi Stensland, Ultraman Rich Roll, and myself. How fun would that be?!

Check out: for details and to sign up. That's where I'll be really kicking it into gear after the holidays.

(Photo: Coraline went apple picking and there was a petting zoo!)
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Laura said...

your grandfather is a wise man, eh!? :) Wish I could come to zentri camp. It sounds amazing!!! :(