Saturday, April 17, 2010

#i8this Challenge - Day 2

(Meeting my goals in half pigeon pose)

An exercise in Mindfulness...

Today let's try to eat mindfully, as an experiment. It can be one food, one meal, or all day. Use ALL of your senses to experience the food. You'll be surprised at how much more satisfaction you get from your food this way. It's the first step to having killer portion control habits and is especially useful as a tool for indulging within reason.

I LOVE how Ankur explains mindfully eating a piece of fruit.

Love On Some Fruit

dear holisticguru,

There's a lot of potential commitments we could be making. We could commit to going 'vegan' for a week, or commit to a '200-mile diet' for 3 days, or commit to buying packaged foods only if they contain fewer than five ingredients. Or we could commit to taking a moment of silence for those who won't be eating today, or commit to chewing each bite 37 times. Or anything. But, at this moment, this very now, I'm going to suggest something a little more mundane, perhaps slightly easier, and no less important: Loving On Your Fruit.

I'm going to dare you, that's right, dare you, to take this pledge along with me. Starting today. Holy now. Until eternity or a week goes by -- whichever comes fruit -- We are going to Love On Our Fruit, at least once day.

And by Love On Your Fruit, I don't mean buy a fancy pineapple in a plastic box from the local chain health store. I mean, have a real Moment with the fruit. Take it from it's wholeness, peel and all, and place it reverently on a big clean cutting board. Stare it down. Gawk. Whistle at how beautiful it is. Let your mind wander.

Bring yourself back to the moment. Cut it or peel it*. Separate the edible from the compost. Array in a nice design. Sunburst. Mandala. Mandelbrot Set. Take a picture with your twitter, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Turn to the light. Close your eyes. Open your eyes. Thank you parents. Enjoy.

Love On Your Fruit means taking it from eating to enjoyment, from sustenance to bliss. Really get down with the fruit. It's there for you, full of all kinds of vitamins and trace quantities of dopamines and psychotropics as yet undiscovered.

Let's do this everyday, for a week, and see who isn't blissed-out and scurvy-less by the end of it all.

- ankurbhai

* The fruit, not the moment.


Philip said...

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Thank you!
Keep up the great articles!

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