Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mindful Eating = Zen Eating "I see you food"

Again with the shownotes. I'm so good to you.

Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast - Eating Mindfully

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8 Tips for Eating Mindfully:

1. Set the mood for meal prep AND eating (candles, music)

2. Chew your food (start by practicing with 1 meal per day)

3. Limit distractions

4. Use all of your senses

5. Avoid stressors

6. Don't stand or walk while eating ("drive thru eating")

7. Eat like your life depends on it by making meal time a quality time

8. Even one meal a day of eating mindfully will make a big difference

Action Steps: (how to begin)

1. Ask yourself and identify where you're at with mindful eating and where you're starting from. You can do this by journaling, blogging, talking to someone, or even just really thinking about it.

2. Choose one thing to try and start tomorrow (or today) and add one more each day as a focus. Add the next one even if you haven't yet mastered the previous. This will give you a taste of how great mindful eating can feel.

There's so much more info in the show. You NEED to listen to it.


Dave said...

Great advice! It's so logical, and natural, but I rarely think about ... being mindful, when eating. Thanks!!

Dave said...

Was thinking more about mindful eating. Had a long bicycle ride on Saturday that spanned 10 hours (8.25hr ride time) and over that long day, consumed:

3x20oz bottles of sports drinks
3x20oz bottles of water
3x28g Clif minis
1.5x60g Clif Shot bloks
1x28g SportBeans
1/2 banana
1x orange slice

I was definitely under-fueled, especially since breakfast was a half a small coffee and a plain cinnamon raisin bagel. I really felt awful and lethargic on the last 10 miles. Thankfully, it was just a supported "fun"/training ride.

It's funny how I kept thinking I needed to eat, but other concerns kept overriding that thought: wanting to stay with a group that was working together, working on a paceline to keep the group moving, yapping with ride buddies.

Distractions over the course of an endurance event really requires concentrated mindfulness. For me, if I ride solo, or in a triathlon, it's easier to be mindful of my nutritional requirements. In a mass group ride, it's definitely a challenge for me.

Austin said...

Good stuff Christine. Looking forward to checking out this weeks show.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great advice! Today I failed at doing ANY of those, so I will try again tomorrow. Thanks so much!