Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm like all cool rockin the show notes

Zen and the Art of Triathlon Podcast - Power Squash

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So I thought it might be nice to post some show notes because you're all gonna wanna do what Brett and I talked about in this awesome episode.

8 tips for controlling your portions:

1. Use smaller plates and bowls

2. Use chopsticks or small utensils

3. Pre-pack leftovers, pack left-overs in serving sizes for easy reheating, avoid serving "family style".

4. Fill half your plate with veggies.

5. Re-frame how you think about and plan your meals. When asking "what am I having for dinner?" think of your veggies first and your protein/carbs as a side dish.

6. When you want seconds (or thirds) ask yourself why. Are you still hungry? Was the food just damn good? Maybe you were distracted while you were eating and missed out on the experience of the meal.

7. Set the mood (it's not lame).

8. When not eating mindfully you aren't able to recognize the triggers and signals from your body, like fullness.

If these tips aren't really making sense its because you need to listen to the show. Do it.


Anonymous said...

If half the plate is veggies whats the other half? I hope pie. mmm pie.

-John Hirsch

christine said...

John Hirsch-

Sweet potato pie. Because yam pie wouldn't even make sense.

Kona Shelley said...

Thanks as always for the great tips!

HolisticGuru said...

My pleasure Shelley. And thanks for commenting!

Molly said...

Great tips Chris!