Friday, September 30, 2011

How To Map Out Your Nutrition Plan For a Marathon! Do it. NOW.

I've been training a lot with Team Continuum as I build up to my ironman distance race (Beach 2 Battleship) in October. I have so much fun training with this group! Running and chatting with them has inspired me to dedicate the latest episode of Sports Nutrition with the Holisticguru to Fall marathon nutrition. Specifically, fueling for race day. Check it out here.

In other news, my BIG training push is going super well. I'm feeling stronger than ever and I'm learning a lot about myself as I make a leap into another level of athleticism. I'm becoming more familiar with my very specific strengths and weaknesses as a triathlete and I'm doing specific workouts to focus on these things. John Hirsch (my coach and boyfriend) is lots of the brains and love behind all of this progress. He's been encouraging and pushing me all season, along with training me and schooling me on how to realize my potential. I'm a lucky girl.

So here is the fun bike workout I did this morning. I thought I'd get bored with loops in Central Park but I had plenty to focus on:

5 loops total (about 31 miles)

#1- warm up, easy pace
#2/3- Anything But Shift- pick a gear in the upper-middle with the big ring (climbs tough, cadence high on flats) *second loop harder
#4- shift again but combine high cadence and strength
#5- cool down

This workout focused on my major bike weakness which is my slow cadence. It also incorporates strength which I'll need to combine with better pedaling efficiency in order to SLAY THE FACE OFF of the B2B bike course.

Also, I've been bike commuting with a focused goal and drills to make the 25 minutes each way feel like it counts.

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baker said...

Very cool bike workout. I love the 'pick a gear' concept!

Loops in the Park only annoy me when the cars are allowed in. Whats up with that?