Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kick Back or Kick Ass?

Photo: A delicious nectarine posing in front of the swim lake in VT

Originally I had planned to race the full Rev3 at Cedar Point this year as my A race. All of my friends are going and we had such a blast last year. Plus, I love the course and I love Rev3. That plan changed quickly when we got an invitation to a very important wedding for the weekend of the race. It was an easy decision. We're going to the wedding and will do Cedar Point again next year. So I had to rewrite my tri season plan. I decided to do the long course at Am Zof as an early A race instead of doing the mid-distance F1 again. After that, the plan is all Rev 3 halfs, all the time. This is a completely awesome schedule BUT because I'm such an endurance junkie I'm totally bummed not to be racing a full IM (or three).

After racing Am Zof, and doing really well, I've felt a bit like my season ended before it started. Do I sound like a whiney, spoiled, racing brat? Waaaah! I want to do another 140.6! Since Am Zof I've taken a very "kick back" attitude towards training and racing. I'm out there training a lot still, but only doing the workouts I love doing (read: not much swimming) while being tri-social. I've started all races since then with a "just have fun" attitude, but then... I'm kicking ass! What?!?! I did this is 2009. I wasn't training for a full IM but I trained for one. Two of my best buds, Phil and Javier, were training for IMLP in 2009 and we spent a lot of time together on bikes, swimming and running. I did the tag-along style training and I was IM ready for my HIM that year. That is happening again now. Yowzer!

Thus far my KICK BACK training has brought in some KICK ASS results:

- 3rd woman overall at the Brooklyn Bun Duathlon
- 5th woman overall at American Zofingen long course
- 4th woman overall at a Van Cortland XC 5k running race

Then I had a really strong race at Quassy with a sub 2 hour half marathon after really pushing the bike. That course was brutal!

Oh, and CREW member Augie (sitting here with me now) just reminded me that I got 1st place woman overall and am the female course record holder at the 2011 CREWAPALOOZA duathlon. We did that yesterday and it was INSANE and DIABOLICAL and EVIL (I hope you're reading these words in your best death metal voice).

And next up on the calendar:

- Portland Rev3 HIM
- South Carolina Rev3 HIM
- an LP training camp while I'm there to specate
- I'd like to test my running with a stand alone 1/2 marathon, not sure which (suggestions???)
- Then I will most likely go to TX in October or November to do Ironbaby with Brett

Lastly, I have a wicked cool NYC marathon opportunity that I can't wait to share. Stay tuned!
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Kelly said...

Cool!! I'm doing the HalfRev in SC, so I'll see you there! Enjoy kicking back and kicking butt!