Friday, July 23, 2010

IMLP #i8this - Travel Day

(Pic: an accidental one taken at Mirror Lake)

This morning began our official IMLP adventure. John has his cheerleader face on, making me feel like every step we take is a giant party. Waking up to start packing the car on travel day came with a party. We played slipknot and jumped around while singing made up songs about ironman. We had a breakfast of herbal tea and hempshakes with banana, peanut butter, and maca. Then we were off to pick up our friend Conner for the drive up.

I did the driving so I brought lunchie road foods that were healthy and I could eat without a mess. At 11 we stopped and I had sliced organic turkey, spinach salad mix (no dressing for less mess), gluten free pretzels and jalapeno hummus. Later in the ride we also snacked on peaches and cherries. You're gonna think this is totally crazy but I got this spinach lettuce mix that tastes amazing. I've been eating it plain. It has all of the small lettuce type greens like mache and arugula which have a nice kick to them. Its something that we never really slow down and taste on its own but I've been snacking on it like its popcorn. I was very happy with my high protein, high fruit/veggie, and low carb lunch for my taper road food.

When we finally arrived in Lake Placid I couldn't wait to get to the house. I've been really excited to have everyone so close to the lake and the center of town. We pulled up, were greeted by Anna, Grant and Kristoph. There was more jumping up and down, and then we suited up for a swimmy in Mirror Lake. I made a quick sandwich of hummus and spinach on gluten free bread to hold me over until dinner and until we could make our grocery store trip. The swim was incredible. I loved being in that lake again. Right before leaving the lake a guy stopped us saying "I recognize you two. You're John and you're the girl from that podcast". It was Charlie, a man behind Rev3. It turns out he watched the Ironmanbobby Podcast round table discussion from post Rev3 Quassy. I seriously can't go anywhere without being recognized these days. I'm gonna start swimming in a floppy hat and sunglasses ;)

After our swim we decided to go into town for dinner because it had gotten so late. I prefer cooking over going out, but I prefer being flexible over all other choices. At dinner I had some nachos that our table shared (salsa, roasted veggies, guacamole and cheese) and I had 1/2 of a cobb salad. Oh and a guinness. I love me a guinness.

This town is buzzing with excitement which makes it hard for me to sleep! I can't wait to get to tomorrow... 2 more days till MY FIRST IRONMAN!!!


trifitmom said...

good luck !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You had guinness? was it gluten free?

IronHoosier said...

Best of luck to you at my favorite race..wish I was there!

HolisticGuru said...

Thanks for the well wishes Trifitmom and IronHoosier!

Anonymous, Guinness is not gluten free but it is wheat free. I'm not gluten intolerant but allergic to wheat: