Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jigsaw Falling Into Place


Sunday was the last day of off-season for me (finally). I really missed having the routine of training and I also noticed it was MUCH harder to make healthy eating choices while I was less active. It was also harder to motivate to do anything because I got stuck in lazy mode. I tend to be very Vata, so without routine I can become imbalanced and spin a little out of control. Because of this, taking a break really makes me appreciate my very active lifestyle. I had visions of days filled with working, hiking, rollerblading, yoga and crazy amounts of cooking. Instead I played with a puppy, twittered, played with a puppy, slept, hiked with a puppy and caught up with non-triathlete friends. Believe me, it was far from terrible.


And I have a new coach! I’m really excited about this because I have this friend Phil and I pretty much think whatever he does (triathlon) is what I should do. He used this very same coach for kicking ass at IMLP this year and now that I’m in for next year it’s clear that I should just do whatever Phil did. You can check him out at

Monday - was day #1 of my new training plan. It was a rest day. Boy did I feel rested by Tuesday.

Tuesday - ran easy for 45 mins.

Wednesday - went to the pool in my bikini and swam 2500 yds.

Thursday – should have been on my bike for an hour but my bike gears are broken so I spent the bike hour wishing REALLY HARD for a shiny new bike.

Friday – did the famed ZenTriathon Mega Swim Workout. Swam 3000 yds in an hour with rest intervals. I started doing this workout in the summer and it helped make me faster but my arms started to get really buff. I had to cut back on it because boys were afraid to talk to me. It’s like aqua-steroids.


During my “off-season” (it was 4 weeks), I gained a little bit of weight. If you know me in person you know that this is NOT a bad thing at all. I’m not underweight and I’m within a healthy range, but I need to work at my diet to keep weight on when I train a lot. So for 4 weeks I stuck with a healthy diet but it was a very relaxed healthy diet. I had treats, I paid less attention to increasing protein and I obviously didn’t eat any training foods. I was still eating gluten-free and mostly vegetarian (more on that later). I noticed that the less active I was, the more food I ate AND the more junk I craved. This is a perfect example of the Primary and Secondary Food theory that I teach to my clients. Anyway, I don’t have “skinny” jeans and “fat” jeans but I do apparently have “off-season” and “on-season” jeans. I made the switch and appreciated my new WOMANLY figure (boobs and butt). Normally I look more like a tall little boy :)

So now that I’m back on with my training I’m also back on with my training diet. I already notice the difference in my cravings and hunger level. My on-season plan is simple:

- start my day with my Nutiva Hemp Shake
- plan my meals around vegetables then add protein and carbs/grains
- continue keeping my diet free of wheat (because I have a wheat sensitivity)
- consume minimal amounts of caffeine, alcohol, dairy (yogurt is an exception), sugar and processed foods

I have to say that this healthy eating and awesome training has both improved and become easier because I have so much support from my boyfriend. I’m so grateful and feel very lucky to have him in my life… which is not to say that I would discredit past relationships, every one has been valuable and beautiful in its own way. I’ve always been a lucky girl.


Dave said...

I've had the same problem with eating in the off-season. It's nearly impossible to keep a healthy diet-the cravings are all over the place! I did go out and get a couple pairs of skinny jeans though to keep myself honest!
Good luck and happy to see you're training!

Philip LaVoie said...

Who's this Phil guy? I think I lived with your BF in Spain once ;)

Jamie said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have "off season" jeans too.

HolisticGuru said...


Thanks dude. Let's plan a group training day. We can bring doggies.

PS I'm eating Puffins right now. Ever notice how they scream as you pour them into your cereal bowl?

HolisticGuru said...

Philippe Lav-wah,

You should live with my BF in Spain again. I've heard great stories of the good old days when the two of you used to live together.

HolisticGuru said...


"Off season jeans" are awesome. You shouldn't be embarrassed. Some people have "fat pants". Imagine that...

PJ said...

Wow. We eat, like, the same stuff (I am also gluten intolerant, celiac actually, and don't do dairy except for greek yogurt). And now we have the same coach. Cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Pike: you are such a girl it makes me want to punch you in the head, except that you are also a former MMA fighter which is very un girly. But really, if your jeans ever fit they aren't baggy enough.I wear a 42, thats just about baggy enough for an old hardcore kid.

Voodoo: once? Sean says if you don't come he wont love you anymore.

Jamie: Hi. You are a girl so thats fine. Its still not fine that Pike is.

Guru: stop encouraging Pike.

PJ: you eat? I am telling Jesse.

XOXO Everyone


Jamie said...

For a chick, my balls sure itch.

HolisticGuru said...


You beat me to it. I was going to say something along those lines. In John's defense, you don't have an avatar and you have a sexually ambiguous first name.


Jamie is a boy. Pike might be like a girl but its not nice to punch girls in the head.


You're awesome. In Spain we can join forces and be picky eaters together :)

Philip LaVoie said...

ok, this just pulled my shit day about reading this thread. Mr. Bull, well said! :D

Jamie said...

That is what I am here for Phil. I aim to please.

Guru, does this avatar clear everything up?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jamie is a man. I feel dump.

Pike is still a girl.

Sorry to both of you,


Anonymous said...

oops i meant dumb. now i feel really really dumb.