Friday, February 6, 2009

Live and Eat ... My Cookies

It's no joke. I finally perfected my gluten-free cookie recipe. This has been my latest quest.

Last night I was invited to a friend's apartment for a gourmet, home-cooked meal. She said she had been cooking since Tuesday (it was Thursday night). So I was all, "Dang. I better bring a faboo dessert".

*Note: I did not say sugar free, fat free or calorie free. These cookies are healthier but that doesn't mean that you can lose control of yourself in their presence. They do not fight the flu, they do not help you lose inches from your waistline, they will not improve your digestion... but they do taste damn good. So eat 2 or 3 of them, not 12 or 13. Mindfulness, people.

So, without further ado, I am pleased to present:

MY COOKIES (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal)

1 and 1/2 cups gluten free all purpose flour (I like Arrowhead Mills)
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 and 1/2 sticks of UNSALTED butter
1/4 cup peanut butter (I used natural with no added salt or sweetener)
1 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup turbinado sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups rolled oats
1/2 bag of dark chocolate chips

1. Preheat the oven to 350.
2. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt.
3. In a separate mixing bowl, combine the butter, peanut butter, brown sugar and turbinado sugar until smooth (you can use your mixer... I didn't... I used my huge muscles). Then add eggs and vanilla and mix until smooth.
4. Combine the flour mix and the wet mix together, then stir in the oats and chocolate chips. Refrigerate the dough for 10 mins to 6 hours.
5. Drop by Tbsp-fuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet, 3 inches apart. Bake 13-15 mins until golden on the edges and soft on top.
* You can freeze some of the dough. Just roll it into balls and put them in the freezer on a cookie sheet until they are solid enough to be put into a ziploc bag.



question: instead of turbinado sugar, do you think you could use raw cane sugar, or cane sugar that comes from evaporated cane juice? It's granulated more like refined white and it always says on the containers that it's a one-to-one ratio for refined. is there a difference in quality/caloric value of the two sugars?

i froze the leftover cookies. still delicious. i probably COULD have eaten 12 or 13.


and by the way, i just read some back posts of yours. the trick to pearl onions is a 2 minute blanch in boiling water followed by a dip in ice water. acids from the onions are lessened and onions are easier to peel.

HolisticGuru said...


Turbinado sugar is raw cane sugar. It's made from sugar cane extract which is spun in a turbine. The cooking ratio is one-to-one with turbinado having a slight molasses flavor and larger crystals. When baking, the molasses flavor is not as noticeable as if you put it in your tea, but you may notice the larger crystals (in baking). A tsp of turbinado sugar has an estimated 11 calories, whereas a tsp of refined sugar contains 16 calories.

Molly said...

hey you should start posting some photos of your adventures on here! :) I gave you a Stumble, Digg,'ed and Tweeted your recipe post. ;)

They sound delish! I will have to try them soon!

Linda said...

Sounds great! I find that running the rolled oats through the food processor a bit helps the baked goods hold together better.

Meghan said...

I'd like to make these soy and dairy free. Can u offer subs?