Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Problem with Taking Friends' Advice

Ask and you shall receive. People want me to blog? For all of the crazies out there, who are interested in my life and what I have to say, here you go! I feel loved.

Now, how does one approach a first post? I should start with an exploration of the events that got me here today. It all started with a direct message from a twitter* friend that said "There is a christine love fest on Triscoop. Check it out. People are touching themselves while listening to the sugar podcast".

Yup. So naturally I check out Triscoop**
and find that someone has started a thread entitled Bring Back the Holistic Guru. As I read I feel like I'm getting a giant virtual hug! It really made my week. And in that thread, the fact that I do not have my own blog was highlighted, reminding me that I need to move that to the top of my priority list.

So here I am, setting up my account on blogspot, and it is time to choose a title. Well I want the awesomest title imaginable but my creativity is letting me down. So I cry out for help in the form of an email, a contest to name my blog, sent to some creative and silly homies.

Well the responses came immediately. The first:

Christizzle the Shizzle

Then I get:

"what will the blog cover? - consider everything and then prioritize for us. If just nutrition, I'd choose 'Eat Me Better'" (a pun on my website

Then: a suggestion that relates to the circus and wearing tights and walking on a wire.

And finally:

A suggestion to include an image of me running towards a happy smiling cow with a butcher knife, but the cow doesn't mind because he has lived a happy organic life.


So I am still in the same 'untitled' boat, but I got a few laughs out of it.

*Twitter- a fantastic website that allows you to be completely up to date on the most important things that happen in friends and strangers lives. You will never feel lonely knowing that so and so just stepped on an ant and that someone else is thinking peanut butter for lunch.

**Triscoop- a website devoted to nourishing your inner triathlete.


Jamie said...

Oh Christine...

Before the page even loaded, all I saw was "Eat Me Better."

You freakin' crack me up. Love it.

Javier said...

Well Now you did it! Now you are committed to writing an article about yourself at least every other day in order to maintain the awesomeness standard that I know you cherish. Looking forward to reading about your adventures! Cheers

ramster said...

so what does the blog cover? is it about food? jokes? jokes about food? should we ask questions? if we do will you answer them?

i cant wait to learn the answers to these and other questions! and to question the answers you provide.

awesome, yep.

Javier said...

I just realized the problem here. You did not write the word "Wicked" even once!

Jen said...

I was searching for porn blogs and "eat me better" came up. I clicked and here I am....


Texafornia said...

This is the website where rambonie will be getting his grocery list from.

Hey, does humus rock or what?